Our Family

Our little Family consists so far of just Wesley (my husband), Myself (Haley), our one and a half year old Jerusha Ann, and 6 month old Eowyn Harper. In spite of our actual family still being quite small I'll often refer to lots of other people as "my family".
You see, I am third oldest out of 14, the youngest of whom was born in January.
Then there's Wesley who is sixth in a family of 12.

11 of my siblings still live at home and all but 2 of Wesley's siblings live in our county. 

So, I have a huge family, most of which live within a five minute drive from our house, all of which I love and cherish going through life with.

My family
Including one grandma, in-laws, nephew, and nieces :)  
Wesley's Family
Including: both grandma's, nearly all in-laws, nieces, and nephews :)

See. I have a HUGE family ^_^

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