Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fort Morgan ~ 2016

I promised a post about our recent vacation so here you go!

Saturday, March 19th, at 1:49AM Wesley pulled out of my family's driveway in the 15 passenger van filled with 13 people, 13 people's innumerable belongings, sports equipment, beach supplies, snacks for the trip, food for the week ahead, and I am convinced that my youngest sister smuggled her entire collection of toys along with, as well.
We had planned on driving two vehicles in caravan with my family but, as it was, my parents were in the hospital with my youngest brother who had RSV. Thankfully they were able to drive down and join us after a couple days. :)
The weather in Fort Morgan was quite cold and windy the first few days we were there but it was redeemed by the end of our stay. The water was never warm enough to just go out for a swim and be enjoyable but three days in a row the gulf gave us great adventurous waves. I  wanted to spend much more time than I got to playing in them but my seven month pregnant body refused. I got to fight waves for maybe 20 minutes before giving in and joining my mom on the shore. Somehow, now that I'm a mom, the beach isn't quite the same. I get to live vicariously through others though, watching them fight the waves for hours, cheer them on as big waves come towards them, and laugh as they are defeated.
This was my sixth trip to the Gulf Shores/Fort Morgan area of Alabama's coast, Jerusha's second, (my family took her and I along mere days after her birth), and Wesley's first. I was excited to show Wesley "My Beach" and to give him a tour of the Fort. Wesley searched trip advisor and took me on a couple of dates into Gulf Shores to places I hadn't been before. Hope's Cheesecakes was definitely my favorite outing ^_^
Wesley and I imposed a "kaper chart" system onto my family drafted roughly from the version his family has used for years on their beach vacations. We made and named teams of 3 and divided the making and cleaning up of meals, cleaning of bathrooms, and straightening of living room among the teams. Having done the beach both ways, (with structure and responsibilities opposed to leaving most work up to mommy) I think the outcome of our teams and chore chart was a success!

Jerusha is quite certain I've spent enough time on this post and need to play with her so I'll put up a few pictures and move on. :)

Together <3
Jerusha hijacking my diary
Sunshine on one of our walks :)
Hope's Cheesecakes. Sooo yummy!

Jerusha enjoying the
sand & sun.

A couple pictures from Fort Morgan

 A very
worn out
Jerusha <3

Our traditional "Last Night at the Beach Banana Splits"

Our family pictures for 2016

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse of our vacation :)


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  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing. :) I really enjoyed all of the pictures!