Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Taking Time

One of my very favorite things these days:
Walking at a toddlers pace.
I hold the tips of Jerushas fingers, guiding her as we go. Step by step. Slowly. With many near topples.
My heart races as I think of making it across the parking lot without inconveniencing someone trying to drive through it. Races as I think of getting to the car to leave, to run the next errand, to move, move, move. But then I can physically feel my heart pace, blood pressure, and racing mindset slow. I breath deeply and recall the time.  The time is walking with my toddler and it is one of my most favorite times in the world. I may have more children and get to walk this slow pace year after year but I will never have Jerusha be eighteen months, and sixteen days old, holding my hand, and walking through Hobby Lobby again.
The thought continues as we go her pace up and down the stairs to do laundry. Again while I wash dished waiting for her to slowly rinse. It carries on throughout my days, and although sometimes I simply must hurry as things need done, I'm now on the look out for times I can stop, step back, and join Jerusha's beautiful pace.
So today I'm going to walk at the pace of a toddler and take time to slow down and notice the little things. ❤️
Jerusha testing out a chair at the beginning of out Hobby Lobby excursion.