Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Bubble: A Glimpse of Married Life

I am sitting in my freshly made bed typing this with the idea that I should become one of those cliché ‘ooh I’m married and going to be a mom’ women and they all have blogs, right?
Dinner is in the oven and I’m waiting on my husband to arrive home from work. Yes, its dinner time and the bed is just now freshly made. I don’t have an excuse. I just spent about the first six hours of my day in it reading so its not like it could have been freshly made this morning so, that left just now when I decided to neaten up the house before said husband gets home.
The rest of the house doesn’t look quite as nice as the bed but at least I did throw away some accumulating trash (pizza box, candy wrappers, Walmart sacks, the like) and as I mentioned dinner is in the oven so, I’m successful, yes? Yes.
I even went a little extra today in that I found a recipe for something I think Wesley will truly appreciate and enjoy for dinner. Chicken wings. They were in the freezer for a good 6 months well on their way to freezer burntness but no one needs know that. I even made him buffalo style chicken wings when as you might not know, I tend to lean toward Asian recipes when it comes to marinades and sauces. I’ve also popped some potatoes in the oven and have shredded cheddar so I can make potato skins to go with the wings. That goes, right? Wings and skins? Pub food? Its themed. Minus the bacon I don’t have that on hand so our potato skins might be pathetic. At least I have sour cream, that’s something.


If you’re on the brink of it or wishing to be as I was in years past let me be the one to shed a little light on it. It is not what you’re imagining. Sure the waking up next to the person you love is still exciting, but the getting up while its still incredibly dark and cold to pack his lunch? Not so exciting but that’s when love comes in to play. (Reading this Wesley? I love you ;)) And in your fantasy you pack his lunch and put the utensils it took into the sink, heck, you may even wash the knife, cutting board, and spoon you dirtied.  Your kitchen counters are back to the shine which you created last night after washing every dinner dish and putting them away and in your mind once you’ve kissed your hubby goodbye and sent him on his way you make the bed, settle into your chair and spend the rest of your day with handiwork in your lap, cleaning, organizing, meal planning, baking, and cheerfully keeping busy until the husband returns.

    Well, not to be depressing but I’m here to violently push a pin into that shiny bubble of yours. The cold hard truth of the matter is that more than likely after about three days of married life (enough time to have unpacked your honeymoon suitcase and those last few moving in boxes) you find yourself sitting in a chair or on a sofa looking around at the blank, plain, undecorated walls because you’re probably renting and unsure if putting nails in the wall is allowed. You gaze at the bookshelf with odds and ends wishing you could organize it more efficiently and “cute-ly” but let’s be honest; those lovely pinterest ideas you’ve pinned cost money. The visions you had of spending your days being a busy housewife baking the empty time away? Well, you soon learned that your husband doesn’t make as much money as your daddy did and leisure baking isn’t very practical; those ingredients are precious.

    Maybe however you’ll hold out longer than I did. Maybe your resolution to make the bed every morning will last longer than the three (maybe?) weeks that mind did. Maybe you’ll actually wash the bowl, plate, fork, and spoon you dirtied for your meals throughout the day but come on, you’re probably living in town and paying for every drop of water and doesn’t it just make sense to wait until you have a full sink of dishes before running that water?

   So, if your future life looks anything like mine you drag yourself out of the nice warm bed to pack his lunch in the mornings, you leave the dirtied utensils on the counter where you used them (the sink is already pretty full of dishes anyways), and once he’s left you crawl back into bed because electricity costs money and you might as well sleep since its still dark. You might be awake and possibly even out of bed by 10, the bed may or may not get made; who knows. You roll breakfast and lunch into one and snack throughout the day if you’re hungry and spend the majority of your day in bed reading a novel from the library because lets face it; you know you’re perfectly capable of jumping out of bed an hour before your husband gets off work and straightening up your room, the living room you left a mess after watching a movie and eating dinner while doing so last night, throwing something together for dinner and maybe even run a hairbrush through your unkempt locks. Or maybe not. And change out of your pj’s? Nah, what’s the point, they’re on and comfy, and your husband probably wont mind.. maybe..

    The point of this blog and this first post wasn’t really aimed towards popping that beautiful bubble of yours and giving you a dismal view on marriage; I promise. Marriage is a wonderful thing and that is the point I intend to convey. Even though it isn’t [going to be] what you imagine it still is a lovely and beautiful thing. The fact that in spite of not having the picture perfect house, or dream worthy schedule for your day you do have that in your relationship because when it comes down to it, you’re married to the man you love and drinking up and enjoying every moment shared with him. These days as a couple are pure bliss and you won’t even realize just how deep that goes until you’re met with the excitement of a baby on the way but I’ll save that for another post.

Thanks for spending some time glimpsing why my life is a beautiful bubble as I attempt to start this "ooh, I'm married and going to be a mom" blog and I hope you find yours is, too.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! If you need any tips, I'm here to help. :) I look forward to reading thoughts about your new life and journey as a wife and momma.

  2. This great! Keep it up, Haley. I am so glad you have a blog. I will enjoy reading you writings. :)