Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Holden Beach, NC 2015

This past week Wesley, Jerusha, and I spent the week in Holden Beach, NC with lots and lots of relatives for the annual family reunion/vacation. 
I brought my sister Shelby along, as well, and she added to the fun and I know I'm hoping we get to bring her along again in the future.. ;)

It really was a wonderful week. Wesley hadn't had a true work-won't-dare-call-me-vacation since 2014's beach trip so it was simply wonderful to watch him relax.

Jerusha loved the water and, much to my pleasure, hated the sand. That made cleaning her up easy ;)

We spent most of the week simply hanging out with family and relaxing, either playing Euchre, Banana Grams, or swimming. We never did have any waves worth mentioning and that was a bit disappointing but, there's always next year :)
One evening we went putt putt golfing at Fantasy Isle and out on the pier, I think, besides shopping, those were our only off-beach activities.

On our last day there Wesley purchased two Chinese lanterns to set off after dark. It was a little drizzly but knowing it was our only chance we went for it and they did work :) They were much bigger than I expected and so, so cool, it was a perfect ending to our stay.

I've wheedled out a few pictures to share with you, enjoy :)
Jerusha, taking it all in. Literally. She loved the salt..

Jerusha looking out to sea

Ellie drinking her morning coffee

Jerusha and her daddy
Ice cream at Fantasy Isle

Ice cream shop that shares my name :)

The Smith Side (Plus Shelby ;))

Our sand creations Pyramid, Volcanic Mountain Range, and Castle

The Chinese Lanterns

The Whole 2015 Beach Clan


  1. I am glad you had a great vacation!
    It is so neat that you got to go to Haley's ice cream shop. I remember when we were kids and the Smiths brought you a t-shirt from that place. We didn't know then that one day you'd be a Smith and getting to go to Holden beach on vacation. :)
    Wow! You lit Chinese lanterns! That sounds so fun! I really want to do that someday. :)

    1. ...we may not have known but I certainly dreamed ;) :P

      The Chinese lanterns were so cool. You have to try it someday!