Monday, May 2, 2016


Today I am 37 weeks pregnant. I have reached that point when everyone; stranger, acquaintance, friend, or family, all stare in shock at my giant belly and assure me I "look ready to pop" and "can't possibly go much longer". 
I try not to sway with optimism. You have three weeks to go I tell myself Three weeks and maybe even more, its still awhile, don't start counting down. I was two weeks late with my first baby so why assume this time would be any different?
I have been feeling pretty well, lately, maintaining energy, keeping up with my normal activities, and most definitely nesting. 
If I get it into my mind that I want something done, it becomes my main, no, my only focus until it is accomplished. 

Our dressers are uncharacteristically neat and organized, winter clothes have been put up since that first week of 70 degree weather we had.  I decided I needed kitchen curtains one weekend and by the following Monday I had purchased material, sewed lovely green curtains, and hung them myself. I bought pots, gardening gloves, a shovel, seeds, and plants and they are now all planted and carefully mothered by me. I have a major lack of a green-thumb (what is the term for that, anyways?) so I am hopeful my "pot garden" survives and this summer we get to enjoy fresh tomatoes, peppers, spinach, and herbs. 

I turned over the empty flower beds in front of our house and planted rows of my favorite flowers. I am thrilled that they are all coming up in beautiful lines full of expected bright, cheerful zinnias.
my creative
"watering can"
I have cleaned out my refrigerator and freezer, organized my kitchen drawers and cabinets. 
I make list after list of meal plans, projects, things to clean, and what prep work needs done for upcoming events such as the start of our Farmer's Market and the eventual arrival of our baby. 
I fixed our front door which had sprung in a wind storm. I painted the trim and put up new house numbers out side the door. 

Yesterday afternoon my husband put up a clothes line for me and I can't wait to begin hanging laundry on a real line instead of the miserably stretchable cotton string I used last year; unfortunately today was overcast and cool so I wasn't able to give it its debut. 

Items currently left on my "nesting list"(a.k.a. my obsess-over-until-accomplished-and-play-the-pregnancy-card-as-an-excuse-to-do-so-list) are: 
find a night stand to replace the bookshelf beside my bed
paint my bedroom door
clean out garages
gather supplies for my midwife's home-visit
freezer meals for baby's arrival(?)

I like to believe I'll accomplish them all, but really, if I don't it's okay; I am 37 weeks pregnant after all and if I spend most of a day sleeping or reading or whatever, it's really okay.

In other small town news; an ice-cream and food shop opened a couple blocks away last week and our little family has already walked there twice to enjoy frozen delights!
We purchased a new camera recently and Wesley is learning lots about professional photography and beginning to build a portfolio with hopes that someday we can make a small side business as photographers. 
Bigger news on the home front is the promotion my husband received which took him from store manager of our local Casey's General Store to a Regional Trainer. It will be a lot of adjusting but it is a blessing and I enjoy watching God direct the orchestra of life that He Himself wrote for us.  

 I hope you've enjoyed this installment of my beautiful bubble. In spite of the weather putting a hamper on my laundry ideals of the day I am enjoying it, there is just something entirely refreshing and romantic in an overcast, drizzly, dreary, London like day. (And no, I've not been to London but I hear that's what it is like.)

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