Thursday, July 27, 2017

23rd Birthday {Post No.2}

This could also be titled 'Pregnancy Tears From Mild Sorrow to Extreme Joy' or 'I Have An Awesome Brother' or many other variations.

It all started about 3 weeks ago....

I was at my family's and went with siblings for a walk down the road..

Actually... It all started about 3 years ago. When Wesley and I got married my grandma gave us an old couch of hers to help us start furnishing our home. It was one of those couches you find in, well, a lot of grandma's houses.

These are not blog worthy pictures but they're all I could find of the couches pattern

We were very grateful for it and it has served us but for a while now I have been looking to replace it with something that matches my decorations, other furniture, and is a little newer.

Back to the three weeks ago.

I was walking down the road, and there on the side next to a house who's previous owner we'd met and I'd have trusted to take furniture from, was a couch with a 'FREE' sign on it. I sat on it and although the pattern wasn't perfect it was closer to what I wanted, it was exactly what I wanted in shape and size and best of all, it was free. A quick call to Daniel and he was there with his truck. Daddy and he threw it in the bed and we all ended up back at my parents, waiting on Wesley to finish a run so he could help Daniel unload it at our home...

Wesley arrived... they left.. and a few minutes later they were back with a broken couch to throw on the burn pile..

I know it was mostly pregnancy hormones at play but I actually teared up. It must have been pregnancy because who, in a matter of an hour, becomes so attached to a free couch that one would cry over its loss.
I was pretty upset though because, it was perfect and free and lost only because of my brother's recklessness, at least that is what I assumed because, I've seen him drive.
So I was sad, I cried, and I avoided him because I truly knew it was an accident and that there was no reason for me to take it out in anger on him.

Later my mom told me he said to let me know he'd buy me a couch if I picked one out. Ever since then I've kept my eye out on yard sale sites for couches that met my criteria thinking I would take him up on it but I never found one.

So yesterday, on my birthday, he showed up with this lovely couch strapped into his truck. He bought it for me new and so, because I'm pregnant, I teared up again  ;)

This couch, next to the crib and changing table, is the third piece of new, store bought furniture, in our little home. And I'm sure it greatly exceeds those in value..
Although when Jerusha first woke up this morning she held her palms in the air and asked "Where's my couch?" she sat on the new one, patted it and said "don't like my new new couch, where's mine?" but then quickly warmed up as I told her how much I liked it and she was especially eager to accept it and sit on it when I told her I needed to take its picture.

I feel very special at the lengths and expense Daniel went through to make up for what truly was an honest accident. Thank you - love you!



  1. I am glad for you to have a happy birthday! I pray for many blessing in your 23rd year!

  2. Aww! That is so touching. I'd cry, too. :)