Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Are You Keeping Me Accountable??

This is a picture post to mortify myself in the name of accountability. 
My resolve to keep the house cleaner? 
Here is the result of spending a weekend coming and going from home only to pick things up and drop things off while the majority of my time was spent basically living at parents.
The house evolved quickly into a complete mess and Monday morning saw me out of bed with a checklist and cleaning on my mind.
So here are before and after pictures of the mess created in 4 days and cleaned in about 2 hours of steady cleaning.
Living Room - Before
Living Room - After
Dining Room - Before

Dining Room - After
[Note: I know it appears to be messy still but we're collecting moving boxes and there's not much you can do to make them look neat;P]
Sink - Before

Sink - After
Counter - Before

Counter - After

Bedroom - Before
Bedroom - After

 So, as you can see, my house cleans up nicely when I put the effort in. 
Admittedly these pictures are from Monday of last week and my house isn't this clean at the moment. It's not this messy either, though.
Thanks for following my journey through laziness and housewifery..
How is it going for you? What is the state of your house/room/dorm? What have you done to let it become a mess or keep it neat?


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  1. I was so glad to see pictures of your house, especially because I will likely never see it in person, as you will be moving soon. Everything cleaned up nicely. Great job! Love the quilt on your bed!
    This post helped to motivate me today. I have done the sweeping, started laundry, and cleaned the bathroom, besides the general straightening up. Still on the list to do for the day are: wash the dished, do the vacuuming, dust, and tackle my sewing desk (I have a Big Mess there). The dryer just buzzed, so I better be moving on. :)
    Thanks for the update and encouragement! :)