Thursday, December 10, 2015

Life in December

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the end of 2015 looms near.
my dinner plate on Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving; as I predicted, was wonderful. I don't know about you but I enjoyed 3 days filled with feasting, reheating, and feasting again. I spent time with family and friends, played several rounds of Euchre, and just in general thoroughly enjoyed my favorite week of the year.
I also won NaNoWriMo, hitting 50k on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I believe so I was able to focus solely on the food to be prepared.

I find it kind of odd but, for me, it is as if Thanksgiving marks the end of my year and the start of the new one. I mean, I still enjoy celebrating the actual beginning of the next year, I will soon be trading lists with mommy planning for that family feast of snack foods and then staying up New Year's Eve to watch the ball count down the last few seconds of 2015 and then wish my family a "happy new year" as we all start 2016 together. But, for some odd reason, perhaps because celebrating Christmas has never been a part of my life, Thanksgiving is the end of this year before the celebrations of the next. So since Thanksgiving has come and gone I find myself and the stalemate of the year, the days with out time, I simply wait for the new year to begin. 
I have pulled out the projects that all got set aside in November due to NaNo. I have been trying to work on them between feeding Jerusha, folding laundry, planning dinner, and keeping myself alive. Jerusha has been a sweet joyful baby while she is awake but recently she has been sleeping a lot, waking often demanding to eat.It has certainly been taking its toll on me, between her and growing another baby I find myself exhausted nearly always. It's not even that I want to sleep, I just feel so wiped out. I probably am not eating nor drinking enough to keep up with my babies demands let alone my own bodies needs. Here's to hoping I do better.
Success in projects include:
Hanging our 'Adventure' map and cork board on the wall, although we haven't traced our adventures in.
And that is it, I had finished braiding my t-shirt strips for my rug but found it to be too short so I am in the process of cutting more, I really hope to dedicate an entire post to that project, and SOON!
I took down our fall decorations and put up a few wintry ones.
I have a dresser for Jerusha now so that forced me to go through her baskets of clothes. I boxed up 6 - 9 month items and pulled out 12-18 month. Several of the 9-12 wont fit her much longer but I wanted to get a few more wears out of them :) After going through her clothes and putting them all in their place Jerusha's room is much cleaner and less cluttered.

I don't have much other news in my little bubble. Last night I made a yummy dinner of Chili Relleno Soup (Chili Relleno's being my favorite thing to order when we go to a Mexican restaurant) and Chicken Floutas and I really wish I'd have done step by step pictures and made a post out of it. I really enjoyed the dinner and found it to be much easier than I had expected (which is why I didn't bother to take pictures when I started ;))
Well this post must come to an end because a certain cheerful chubster is getting less cheerful without my complete attention... 

Oh, one other note; Wesley's Thanksgiving gifts to me were a curvy maternity pillow (I'm not exactly sure what they are called but they are a m a z i n g   and a new Bible. As sad as it makes me I was in need of a new one, my much loved 11th birthday gift from daddy had seen too much wear and tear and now as I juggle a baby in church it has become impossible to keep my old Bible all together. I hate to retire it so I probably will continue to use it at home but I have a struggle there as well. My new Bible came with a reading plan which Wesley and I have started and because I want to be familiar with my new Bible I'm using it, which I'm afraid has left my treasured most favorite Bible neglected :( I will find the balance.. I would also note that I am pretty picky when it comes to Bible's and Wesley did an excellent job trying to find one that meets my specifications.

And now off I go to mommy :)

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my bubble and hope that soon I will get back into the blogging groove and have topics for you instead of just rambles. ~Haley 


  1. I was glad to get a peep into your bubble. :) That is a nice Bible! You should add some pictures of the Bible Daddy gave you so that people can see that you literally have to, "keep it together." :)

  2. Could you post the recipes for your dinner? I've never had either, and they look yummy!

    1. My latest post has the recipes for you!