Friday, January 22, 2016


I am so happy to report that I seem to have rounded the corner at 'tired' and- 'energy' for this pregnancy. I'm not so naive as to believe it will last but I am certainly going to enjoy it while I am here. I hope this means I will be more faithful with posting, but, no promises, that only comes once I have first become faithful in keeping up with laundry, dishes, cleaning house, and the like. So far, so good. Last week when I found Jerusha asleep on my lap and myself wide awake itching to be up and get something, anything, done I was surprised. I kept myself busy all day deep cleaning our bedroom and washing laundry. Day two I was  surprised to, again, find myself ready to tackle more jobs and that is when I realized it wasn't just that I was being less lazy;  no, I actually had energy, I was no longer chronically [read: mommy] tired.
Since Monday of last week I have kept the deep cleaned bedroom clean, sorted through in-between-pregnancy and maternity clothes, cleaned and rearrange the living room, done lots of dishes, turned 6 of the 21 bananas in my freezer into muffins and bread, been more creative with dinners, AND read a book and a half! 
Another project I worked on was our 2015 photo book. I pinned this idea on Pinterest before we were married where at the end of every year you take especially memorable pictures and print them in a photo books. So much easier than scrapbooking or photo albums, right? Wrong. Well, maybe if you use a site other than shutterfly? One thing: I h a t e shutterfly. For no particular fault of theirs besides their site being slow, hard to maneuver, and oh so tedious. I mean, I just want this frame black and this one purple, and I want to choose a square of color and cut it down to the size I want. So really I want to be scrapbooking and not using a computer program but scrapbooking is so expensive.. And so it turns out is shutterfly when you decide "Yes, I'd like to have a hard cover on my photo book" that is what makes it a book after all, isn't it? Then to see they charge $16 extra dollars for a cover, I mean, really? It's a photo book, the advertised price should be including a cover. Oh well, our family photo books will just have to be coverless.
In other news on the project front: I have worked a lot on my braided tshirt rug and was sewing it together when my sewing machine began giving me troubles. I have maybe a quarter of it wound up and sewed and in that time I've broken 4 needles, I believe. At this rate that is just going to be too many so I have set the project aside until I decide to keep replacing needles and just keep trying, or force myself to sew it by hand. Its a big rug, guys, this decision takes some pondering. Perhaps not three weeks of pondering?

Jerusha is so sweetly and contentedly playing with her toys so I really should use this time to start laundry, or just watch her in all her adorablness. I am becoming more and more nostalgic as my belly continues to grow and I know Jerusha's baby days are drawing to an end. In less than 5 months I will have a new baby who will take up most of my time and energy and Jerusha will be forced into the role of big sister. I know she will still truly be a baby herself but there will be a shift in my physical care of her and something about that makes me sad. I snuggle her more often and chat with her as before long I wont have enough arms to do.

Thanks for popping by to see if I rejoined the blogger mommies ;)

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