Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chocolates and Roses

Valentines Day. It is the epitome of 'Hallmark Holiday's', millions are made by convincing people that expensive chocolates, roses, cards and nearly anything market-able in reds and blacks are what love means.
Growing up I never paid any attention to the day, my parents never did anything elaborate, February 14th really wasn't a day on my radar as something special; February 15th? Now that is a different story... the day those expensive chocolates went on sale was a day worth celebrating ;)

Things have changed just a bit in the past few years though. I now find that I have fallen prey to the marketing schemes set before me. Walking through walmart as soon as the Christmas decorations were packed away replaced by giant red hearts and all manner of valentiney-ness. It's a marketable day, who doesn't adore the idea of celebrating love and all of its glory? It gets us all.

I don't put a whole lot of stock into the day, I know it's just a money making fest, but I can't help but join in the celebration of showing my people I love them. Wesley is a man with a great big generous heart and much as I insist not to worry about going out of his way or spending too much on me it didn't surprise me a bit when he presented me with a pound of Fannie May chocolates. Then when he notified me that two dozen long stem roses had been delivered to the door while we were shopping I grinned and shook my head; of course he wouldn't let a pound of chocolate be the only way he showed me our love is worth celebrating on this valentines weekend. In the end not only were chocolate and roses bestowed upon me but trips to two different Goodwills in two days, grocery shopping together, trying out a new wine, cooking two dinners together, cleaning the kitchen together, breakfast out Sunday before church, picking out chocolates to pass out to our sisters, and just spending the whole weekend by one another's side with Jerusha in one of our arms or close by. Wesley also stopped at the very busy local Starbucks after church in order to secure a 'Molten Lava Mocha-something-or-other' for me. I had seen it advertised and the last day to get one was the fourteenth.. and I'm pregnant guys, I needed that chocolatey whipped cream on top of chocolatey coffee. It did not disappoint. Possibly the best thing I've ever had from Starbucks. It is probably a good thing it was only a two week special..
Wesley was the recipient of a "movie night" box containing popping corn, peanut M&M's, Hot Tamale's, Junior Mints, and glass bottled coke which we enjoyed together while watching season two of the Office. It was an evening full of memories such as a $1 box of theater style microwavable popcorn that burned in the middle while still popping the edges followed up by my popping popped corn the good old fashioned way; in a whirly pop.

Well, I had more thoughts to share (I thought) but Wesley got home from work and I need to go ready myself for a group date we're going on with his parents and all the local married siblings.

(Posted a day later than planned)
My roses and chocolates

after math of 'movie night'... popcorn and M&M's are long gone..

We got Jerusha this adorably cuddly giant elephant and Saturday morning Wesley got her this wiry plush rose :)
Blurry but too cute not to share.

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