Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Own Your Own Path

This morning after nursing, Bible reading, diaper changing, forcing a my poor baby to breath through her inhaler, then fixing and feeding oatmeal I read an article.
This article reminded me who I am.
I am a wife and mommy but first I am a child of the One True King and I am doing His work here on earth.
Sometimes it slips away, amidst the day to day messes, the whining child, crying baby, skipped lunches, sometimes I forget that what I do is important.
I am raising a generation for service to God.
It may not be the glamours missionary life I once dreamed of and idolized as the most important way to serve God. It certainly isn't the home-business I once would have dreamed as a picture perfect life. No, it is the life of a regular family. A husband who works hard sacrificing time away in order to provide for our every need, a wife who stays at home and wipes snotty noses and spit up on the hem of her shirt, and of two girls who are going to be raised in the joy of the Lord.

I am where God has put me and I embrace that. I love the life he has given me, I want for nothing. I know we are following in His will as our life can be held against His word and be tried and proven. Are there things for us to work on? Yes. Are there changes He may show us along the way? Probably. But today we are where He has chosen to put us and with hearts soft and ply-able He will continue working in us, accomplishing His will through us.

God has given us such a beautiful life.
I read a question on the internet today which asked 'if you died tomorrow what would you regret about your current place in life' it was supposed to be a motivational question, to inspire more sacrifice, more service but for me it actually did the opposite.
If I died tomorrow what would I regret?
Not one little thing.
I absolutely am in love with my life.
My identity is found in what Christ is doing through me and I have confidence that my life is bringing Him honor and glory. I believe God is not only watching as I start the laundry machine, clean up a spill, blow raspberries on tummies, and all the other parts of my day, but that He is guiding me through it all. Just as I know He is guiding my husband. We are the work of His hands. He has written our story and I love watching it unfold.

Join me in owning the path God has set you on.
I am a wife, a mommy, a keeper of the home and I own that and give God the glory. It's the path God gave me and it may be similar to many but it is also entirely unique and one in a million.
Who are you?

And now, just because I'm so blessed by him and can, I'm going to take a moment out to shed a little overdue praise on the husband in this picture.
Wesley, my Wesley. He's a dreamer, oh how he dreams. He has the lottery won, invested, and a new home built in one castle in the air. He owns and runs a burger joint in another. Leisurely taking trips around the world in others. He dreams, who doesn't? There's nothing wrong with dreaming as long as it does't get in the way of doing. It may be that not one of those dreams come true, who knows. What I do know is this: Wesley takes care of me, he takes care of our girls, and with not one word of resentment. He does his job away from home well which provides monetarily for us but that doesn't stop him from providing the leadership we need as a family. Wesley has embraced his role as our provider and leader doing the Lords work daily, enabling me to serve here at home and I will forever be grateful. Because he is following God's way of training our children I can correct Jerusha's misbehavior in his absence and know we are unified, because he is following God's plan in providing I could take poor raspy Eowyn to the doctor last week and not worry about how much it may cost.
Thank you for putting our needs above your dreams, for gladly bearing the cross put before you and for choosing to serve our Lord and savior with such joy. I will forever love you and learn from you. <3 Haley

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