Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Year in Rear View

2016 - It was another "Best Year of My Life".
Jerusha turned ONE in March and we hosted a simple party with just our  immediate families.
Eowyn Harper joined us on this side of the womb May 31st. I was only a week over due with her but sooo wanted a May baby and couldn't have been more thrilled to wake up super early May 31st with contractions that would turn into labor. She was a beautiful 8 pound 12 ounce baby who has grown into a too grown up-eight-month-old who is currently hovering all over the living room expertly steering her walker; oh do I always miss the infant stage, but that doesn't mean I'm not soaking up every joy to be found in this stage.
Wesley took a promotion in May which has changed our life quite a bit. He is a Regional Trainer now and some weeks that keeps him out on the road Monday through Friday but some weeks (like this one!!) he is close enough to the store he's training in to commute. Because he's not always home though, I've had to learn to be a little bit more self sufficient which is an area I needed stretched in. It is wonderful to have family so close for the days I need a break from being alone with two littles.
This year the transmission went out on our Lexus after only a year of owning it which was a bit of a trial but, after a few months relying only on Wesley's company car, we were able to buy a Ford Expedition which I love.
We enjoyed several trips in 2016; in March we joined my family on their vacation to Fort Morgan, in July, again with my family, we spent a weekend in Michigan visiting my grandparents. Mid August we took our annual trip to the Holden Beach/family reunion. Then on Labor Day Wesley and I took a group of siblings to the St. Louis City Museum which is nothing short of amazing. The last trip we've taken was a weekend adventure to Cincinnati, dreaming at IKEA, overwhelmed at Jungle Jim's, and experiencing the ARK encounter. We love being able to make time to travel, it creates so many memories, is worth the time, energy and money, and it CAN be done with youngsters.
Holiday's came and went, I was HUGE at 1 week "overdue" and hoping for labor on Memorial Day but still managed to enjoy fellowshipping with family and friends. Fourth of July we celebrated on the 2nd in order to partake in our small towns AMAZING firework show. Labor Day was spent in St. Louis, as I mentioned before. We spend Thanksgiving  with my side of the family, preparing food days in advance and feasting for days afterwards. And Wesley and I hosted Christmas for his side of the family, it was the first time we hosted a holiday gathering in our little home and I think it went pretty well. New Years Eve we joined my family, waiting up until midnight to "ring in" the New Year.
2016 was a good year for our family, filled with blessings and reasons to continually praise  God from whom all blessings flow. I pray 2017 wiill be another year filled with His provision, guidance, and growth for our lives as well as yours.
Happy New Year (very late because I'm a busy mom or lazy blogger... ;)

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  1. Nice summary! It kind of makes the year sound short, but I guess I feel like it went fast, too. They always do. (Sigh)