Friday, June 16, 2017

A Mini Adventure

Last week the girls and I went on our biggest adventure to date. It was pretty little but big for me since the farthest I go from home on a typical week that Wesley is out of town is within half an hour. Wesley was staying in an extended stay hotel, for work, near where my sister lives so Monday the girls and I packed up and followed him. I never ever drive long distances and even on family road trips I rarely do much of the driving. It all went pretty well on the way there, the girls slept until about the last 15 minutes. On the way home we had a little detour due to police blocking the interstate and sending us to find our way around to get back on further down the road. Our trip was a lot of fun though. Staying with Wesley, cooking meals on a tiny stove and having to wash everything per meal to use for the next was different.  Each morning Wesley left for work before the girls were awake so when they did get up we would put Éowyn in the stroller and head to the building where breakfast was served. Tuesday I packed the girls up and drove to where my sister lives and spent the morning with her. Jerusha was so excited about going to see her cousin and I think they had a lot of fun. Tuesday night Jerusha had a fever and was pretty restless and delirious so we didn't do anything fun in the evening. Wednesday she was back to normal and I took the girls to the hotel pool for awhile. We went for walks around the other buildings and found a deck off the back of our building so we gathered pine cones from a nearby pine tree and spent awhile playing in the sun. That evening we met my sister and her husband and son at The Rock; a Mediterranean place and enjoyed trying outs new foods for dinner and as we could only find be hour taking, and the kiddos had begun climbing all over the nearby empty tables, we moved our visit to a park just down the road. I think we all had fun at the park, it was very nice with lots of tall slides and climbing options. Once we were back at the hotel that evening Wesley and I took the girls to the pool again. Thursday, after we'd had breakfast I packed all our belongings and we loaded the car to head for home. We ended up going straight to my moms because with about 20 minutes left on our trip Jerusha started crying that she needed to pee. I only live about 2 minutes farther than my moms but I knew unloading would go more quickly if I stopped in there. And sure enough, as soon as we pulled in my younger sisters came running outside to help unload the girls; and I'm happy to report that Jerusha made it to the potty without an accident. 
Note: we came home Thursday because Friday is baking day and I needed to be home in order to get my early start. 
visiting cousins..

 Pool Time

Hide & Seek

And lots of fun at the park!

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  1. We sure enjoyed our time visiting with you all! After trying that Mediterranean restaurant I have been watching cooking videos on how to make baklava. I really want to try to make phylo dough from scratch. It looks like it would be a satisfying challenge. :)