Thursday, June 8, 2017


We are planning a trip to Colorado for late summer and I'm a little nervous as to how camping and hiking days on end with a one and two year old might go, so, when my husband had a floating holiday about to expire he decided to take it the Tuesday after Memorial Day so we could have a little trial camp out. We were excited about the opportunity to fit in camping because we don't  have the chance on a normal weekend since we have to be up by 5 Saturday mornings to bake cinnamon rolls and be at the farmers market.

For me a camp out is setting up tents down by my parents pond; close enough we can walk to the house if we need something but far enough that it's a little inconvenient. Ideally we pack all the food we'll need for one dinner and breakfast at a time and head to the house to refresh supplies the next day after having expired our food. This time things were a little different because it ended up being a micro camp out and kind of last minute.

Camping was fun but in the end it was a little disappointing.  Our plan was to camp both Sunday and Monday night but due to losing our camping buddies and a pop up rain shower we didn't end up at camp for a second night. Sunday night, was a lot of fun just not all I had hoped. I was trying to prepare for Éowyn's first birthday party as well as help my mom and sister prepare for their party so I didn't make it to camp until nearly 11 PM. That did away with the possibility of much actual camp prep. Then once I did make it to camp Wyn threw up in a pretty sickish style so I briefly considered throwing in the towel but I realized dealing with a sick kiddo wasn't going to be any easier inside, in fact, it might be easier outside. I headed to the house for some extra towels and water proof bedding but in the end Éowyn slept off her sickness and was healthy the next morning.

Many of my siblings had  also set up tents and camped with us which added to the fun. We sat around visiting, eating s'mores and marshmallows, and telling jokes until about 1AM before calling it a night.
Monday morning it was up at the crack of dawn, because for some reason sleeping in a tent with the sun illuminating the inside by 5 AM it's impossible to not get up. Lots of people went fishing (soon I'll have a post regarding Wesley's early birthday present of a fishing pole and gear) and my brothers worked on getting the fire ready for me to make breakfast. I used a large iron skillet and started by frying up a bunch of Wright's bacon pieces (my favorite and most economical way of buying bacon), next I cubed up potatoes I had pre baked and warmed them in the bacons grease, then it was add eggs, scramble, and throw the crumbled bacon back in, as well as a block of cream cheese. I'm sad that breakfast is the only meal I got to cook at camp because I find it to be a lot of fun cooking over an open fire. Before long we'll be in CO and I'll be cooking past my hearts desire I'm sure.

Anyway, we had a nice teeny tiny little camp out and I look forward to more! The girls actually did great, falling asleep in our arms then transferring easily to their pallets in the tent while we went back to the fire. Jerusha had no problems with the idea of peeing outside now that she is potty trained, another thing that had me nervous. They both respected the fire and kept their distance although that was a necessity on everyone's part thanks to my brothers fire that was so big and hot that anyone sitting close is now leg hair free. :P

This ends my post of our camping experience and I hope to have more to write of after our July trip to Michigan and then our August trip to Colorado!
The few pictures I took..


  1. It was nice to read how the camping went. I love cooking over a fire, too. Yesterday I roasted a pork shoulder in our smoker. It was so hot outside and I accidentally let the the fire go out once. :0 The roast was so yummy!

    1. Sounds yummy!! I miss camp outs when we'd share the cooking duties ;D