Thursday, June 8, 2017

First Birthday

Our little Éowyn is ONE.  Her daddy was going out of town for work on her actual birthday so, much as I hate to admit, we celebrated a few days early.
My family annually hosts a Memorial Day Pitch In at their place, providing the main food and everyone's favorite location for your well rounded party. Because we knew both sides of the family would likely be gathered together, we chose to roll Wyn's birthday party in a little earlier than the rest of the guests were expected to arrive.

I chose 'You Are My Sunshine' as a theme because  Éowyn has been known far and wide for her sunny personality. Wesley got her balloons which went with the theme and I did a few decoration attempts. I made Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting and a smash cake of the same variety.

 Éowyn did just as I expected with her smash cake. Poked it and rejected it as a messy texture. After I got a spoon and tried feeding her a bite she, as she typically does, grabbed the spoon and took over.
 Wesley made balloon animals and swords for all the cousins/young uncles and aunts.

  Éowyn Harper's monthly pictures
...and a few extra from the last shoot because, well, its the last.

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  1. What fun, to watch babies grow! It happens so gradually, but before you know it they gain their independence and are quite capable little people. :) I enjoyed the pictures, as always! It looks like she had a happy birthday. :)