Monday, June 12, 2017

Growing Bubble

This post is out of order from the ones I planned on posting but I couldn't exactly plan when I'd post this...

^This is the official announcement that we put out there on Facebook. ^

^This, however, is how I told Wesley and then my mom and sisters.^

I have painted each of the girls a picture for the nursery wall which they'll get to take someday to do as they please with. Wesley knows this so I knew I wanted to announce it to him by having Jerusha show him to the bedroom and see how long it took him to notice the change. Friday, when Wesley got home from work and was led by Jerusha to her room, he didn't miss a beat, instantly I heard him say "A new picture means mommy is having a baby, doesn't it Rue?" 
It was Wesley's birthday, as well, so I felt like that added to the excitement. 

I'm not 100% sure when I'm due since I haven't been cycling what with nursing Éowyn still, but, I'm just now having symptoms so I'd say I'm only a few weeks along and looking at a February baby. 

We always choose to announce our babies early because each day is a gift, and for us, part of cherishing our gift is sharing the joy. I feel very blessed to be carrying this child and your prayers for a healthy pregnancy will be appreciated. 

Already I am struggling to keep up with the girls because all I want to do is sleep. Time to find some healthy snacks, stay active, and push through the drowsiness in order to keep up with house work, meals, and life with my 2 and 1 year olds. 



  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! You are completely right when you say that every day is a gift. I applaud your decision to announce your pregnancies this early.
    You and the baby are in my prayers. :)

  2. Congratulations :) The announcement picture for Facebook is very cute! I hope you can enjoy your pregnancy. I will pray for you, too.